Friday, January 15, 2010

a little behind

I have been slacking off a little on my updates. So i'm combining two recipes into one entry.

the first: a ham and bean soup. I used pieces of ham, the 15 dried bean package, carrots, celery, some thyme, potatoes, vegetable stock, water, and the ham boullion stuff. We cut up all the pieces, threw it in the slow cooker, and let it simmer all day. Soups are super easy and flexible...which is why i'm not bothering posting the amounts of everything and exact directions. Just throw whatever you like in a pot and see what happens a couple hours later.

The pic isn't as good for this one:

the second: Bacon and Sweet Potato Hash on Endive Leaves. A wonderful little appetizer. I love sweet potatoes and the sour cream and chives on top really help to pull it all together. Sweet, Savory, Crunchy, and Mushy all in one bite. If you are interested in the exact recipe for these as well feel free to contact me.

shout out to the cool chica that got me the magazine with this recipe in it. I love it!

pic pic pic

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